5 proven Businesses you can Start with as low as N20,000

Yes! you can start a profitable business that could make you millionaire if well managed. Here are 5 proven small businesses you can start with as low as N20,000.

1. Tutoring

Do you have a skill? This is the best time to start sharing your knowledge with others. It can be done both online or one-on-one. You should charge less for a start, then increase your cost gradually as you grow everyday.

2. Event Planning

With a low budget capital, you can start planning events for family and friends. All you need is to develop a good managerial and creative skill, pay attention to detail, work under pressure etc.

3. Recharge Cards

Well, you might not have all the million to start selling bulky vouchers but with N20,000, you can set up a small recharge card business. The simple truth is that 70% Nigerians buy low-cost cards like N100 to N200 than what you think. So you have high chances of growing big in this business within short time.

4. Liquid Soap production

Liquid soap is mostly used in the homes, restaurants, offices etc. All you need to get started is the required materials and the right mentorship. You can make it look presentable by branding the container with graphic sticker for more attraction.

5. Fast Food Business

Fast food like meat pie, doughnut, egg roll, buns, plantain chips etc would forever be on high demand as office workers, students and everyone enjoy having small chop during in-between meals period. At first, you can start selling as a retailer, then later you can take it to next level.

Do you have other low-budget business idea, please share with us in the comment session below.

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